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The History Of Israel

History of Israel: Books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles

This is a time period that Israel was a nation under Kings. Before this they were under judges.

Joshua was the first judge.

I Samuel 17 David Kills Goliath, Abner end of 17 (Saul’s commanding general introduce David to Saul) 18 Chapter they sing Saul kills thousands, David’s kills his 10,000. David becomes commander of Saul’s guard. David must have been a very strong, valiant youth to take that position.

David was tough as nail when he went up against Goliath, he was not some scrawny kid. He was tough and under the hand of God. Chapter 19 Saul starts a campaign to kill David.

20+ years were of military age. Joshua and Caleb were the only two that God allowed to survive that were 20 years+

Judges — Ehud (Israel said that anyone that was left handed was evil, left is the word sinis in Latin -we get the word sinister from it), Deborah.

Judges 1 thumb and big toe cut off. If you cut off the thumb you ant hold a sword or spear. Cut off big toe, no balance, and would could not lead men into battle.

Sinai – Horeb (same name) this is where they get the law of God and this is the law they are to be keeping. If they did not then the four judgments of God was sent against them.

722 BC Assyria carries Northern Israel away. ; Southern Judah 586 BC carried away into captivity.

Go to the end of the books, 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles you will find the end of Israel history. These two book give you a synonymous viewpoint of the end of their history. Chronicles is looked at through the viewpoint of the priest. 1 & 2 Kings are the viewpoint of the kings of Israel. These two are the anointed ones, the two witness of Revelation 11. IT takes 2 witness according to Jewish law.

Gideon sent to annihilate in Judges. Judges 2 Joshua dies and they (Israel) goes back to pagan worship, Baal (tree and grove worship).

Samuel is the larder, the mouth of God for Israel. 1 Samuel 8 they ask for a king and Samuel warns them not to do this. Chapter 9 God elects Saul as their king. Chapter 16 David becomes king. Chapt. 13-15 Saul does not keep God commandments. Chapt. 14 Jonathan has the mind of Caleb and Joshua, Saul was against God. Deut 28 God promises that no matter how many, God would destroy their enemies. In chapt. 14 Saul takes credit. Chapt 15. Saul was told to destroys all, and Saul refuses. This is where God tells him his kingdom is finished. Saul is of the tribe of Benjamin, and the King must come form the tribe of Judah.

Chapt 16 – 31 David is the king in the eyes of God. 16-31 Saul is the king in the eyes of the people. c.17 kills Goliath, 18 David is made the guard

Joab is a killer and a murderer.

2 Samuel 24 David is numbering Israel. He is taking credit for all his victories. 1.8 million men that is his fighting force and that is why he is winning. He took credit for what God has done for him. This was a major mistake by David. IT was God that delivered David, not David.

I Kings is full blown Baal and grove worship.

I Kings – II Chronicles. Learn these chapters, you will understand most of what the rest of the bible is about.

I & II Kings and Chronicles. This is why they were scattered and brought back May 14th 1948.

Joseph sold into bondage in Egypt. They were in bondage for 400 years.

Jacob was Joseph father, Jacobs name was changed to Israel.

Isaac was Jacob Father, goes back to Abraham and the covenant was given to Abraham. The land of Israel was given to Abraham if they obeyed God. When they didn’t the four judgments of God was brought against them.

The Church today is spiritual Israel, the kingdom of God as the kingdom of God is now within you.

Moses was 40 when he killed an Egyptian (Ex 2). Ex 1 the Jews in Egypt were multiplying at a great rate, that the new Pharaoh said this must stop as the Jews were taking over.

586 B.C. Babylon takes away the Jews. 538 B.C. First decree given to rebuild the temple. They are being released.

Gen 15, Ex 7 400 years in bondage. Stephen tells the Sanhedrin the history of Israel.

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Scriptures rendered in ancient pictograph Hebrew from aleppo codex, with sopherim changes reverted back to original readings.

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Scriptures rendered in ancient pictograph Hebrew from aleppo codex, with sopherim changes reverted back to original readings.

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In my flesh I shall see God – DNA (Hebrew Lesson)

In my flesh I shall see God – Job 19:26 (Hebrew Lesson) Part 1

Brad Scott reveals how the design of the Hebrew Language is found embedded in all of God’s creation. The dynamics of Biblical Hebrew woven through agriculture and biology is a clear second witness to the supernatural revelation of the Word of God in our Bibles. Brad Scott discusses how the structure of the Word of God (linguistics) is found in agriculture and written on our DNA

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The Mystery of the God (ALEPH to TAV – A to Z)

Revelation 21:6

King James Version (KJV)

And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

From Aleph to Tav

The most common word in the Hebrew Bible is the word את (et). The first letter is the א, called an aleph, and is the first letter of the Hebrew alephbet. The second letter in the word את (et) is the ת, called a tav, and is the last letter of the Hebrew alephbet. These two letters are the “first and the last,” the “beginning and the end” and the “Aleph and the Tav” (which is translated as “the alpha and the omega,” the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, in the book of Revelation).

Joel 3:10

King James Version (KJV)

10 Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong.

The word “plowshares,” in the passage above, is the Hebrew word את (et). A plowshare is the metal point of the plow which digs into the soil creating a furrow for planting seeds. When we examine the original pictographic script used in ancient times to write Hebrew, we can see a clear connection between the letters of this word and its meaning.

The modern Hebrew form of the letter aleph is א, but is an evolved form of the original pictograph , a picture of an ox head. The ancient pictographic form of the letter ת is , a picture of two crossed sticks which are used as a marker. When these two pictographs are combined we have the meaning “an ox toward the mark.” Fields were plowed with a plow pulled behind an ox (or pair of oxen). In order to keep the furrows straight the driver of the ox would aim toward a mark, such as a tree or rock outcropping in the far distance. As we can see, this meaning of driving the ox toward a mark, can be seen in the letters of the Hebrew word את (et).

The word את is also used very frequently (over 7,000 times) in the Hebrew language such as can be seen in the very first verse of the Bible.

בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ׃

Because the word את has no equivalent in the English language, it is not translated, but to demonstrate its meaning in this verse I will translate Genesis 1:1 into English, but retain the word את in its correct position.

In the beginning Elohiym filled את the sky and את the land

The word את is used as a grammatical tool to identify the definite object of the verb. In the example of Genesis 1:1 the verb is the Hebrew word ברא (bara), meaning “to fill,” and the definite objects, the ones receiving the action of the verb, are the sky and the land. Just as the “ox” moved toward the “mark” when plowing, the word את (the plowshare) plows the path from the verb of a sentence (the ox) to the definite object (the mark).

Just as the phrase “heaven and earth” is an idiomatic expression meaning “all of creation,” the phrase “aleph and tav” is an idiomatic expression meaning “the whole of the alephbet.” It is the mission of the Ancient Hebrew Research Center to search out the history and meanings of the Ancient Hebrew alephbet, as well as the roots and words which are created out of them.

In the beginning was את…”

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